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Fight Back

Sva Vlast Narodu CD - Mamma Rec
Fight Back was formed in Požega,Croatia in 1997.Fight Back presented anti-authoritarian hardcore punk with more of the working class perspective, all heavily rooted in the DIY underground.



Dislike - Ctrl
Dislike is a crust band from Požega,Croatia.The band was formed in 1997 with the aim playing classic dis crust beats

 Download   this is the official website,where you can follow the news


Magrudergrind Shitstorm - Split
Magrudergrind is a DIY grindcore/powerviolence band from Washington DC. In grind we trust!!


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Minor Threat

Minor Threat - Complete Discography
Minor Threat was an American hardcore punk band from DC,short-lived but very influential.Minor Threat started the Straight Edge(sXe). They produced short, often astonishingly fast songs, eventually with excellent production quality.They are the beginning of American Hardcore



MELLAKKA-Ei (Ei Ei levyt records) 1984 Finland
Mellakka was from a small finnish industrial town called Rauma.They had a short career.Fast&Loud!!


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TZN Xenna

TZN Xenna was one of the early Polish punk rock bands. TZN Xenna was founded in 1981. in Warsaw. The first name was Kamash and the Eckers. And TZN Xenna translated into English would be "That means Xenna".

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Maho Neitsyt

Maho Neitsyt - JNE… (Boring Records, NO POLICY 1) 1989 Finland
Maho Neitsyt is a finnish punk/hardcore punk -band from Kouvola.Drunk&Punk! Enjoy!



KAAOS - Totaalinen Kaaos (Propaganda Records) '82 Finland
Kaaos was a legendary Finnish hardcore punk from the 80`s.Kaaos is all about fast,loud and thrashy.Enjoy!!



Abergaz-Bunt MP3

 These guys come from Zagreb,Croatia.They are playing anti-political,nihilist,rebel punk.Lyrical they are realy strong and of course musical.If I have to describe them in three words it would be:Strong,Powerfull,Serious.If you like punk wich isn`t the same like the others,enjoy in Abergaz! 

 The cover of the album Bunt:

 Here is a Anti-political picture:



BANNLYST-La Dem Ikke Lure Deg (X-port Plater x002) 1984 Norway
Bannlyst was a hardcore punk band from Molde in Norway.They were a very nice hardcore punk band,if you are a Skandinavan punk fan you will like Bannlyst.


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Stark Raving Mad

Stark Raving Mad-mx
NyXHc from the 80`s. 3 of the members were originally from Texas and played with Pissed Youth. MX is their debut album and is full of great, chaotic thrash all in under ten minutes.


Strech Marks

Stretch Marks - Whos in Charge (Headbutt Records) '83
Hardcore punk band from Canada from the 80`s.They had s mixing love for wrestling with Minor Threat-style hardcore.About the demo,the first song has some problems so the first won`t song,so i deleted the first song.


Raped Teenagers

Raped Teenagers - Jag gillar blommor. Jag gillar träd. Jag gillar naturen som den ar. (raped 001) '85 Sweden
Hardcore punk band from Sweden in the 80`s.Their style was classical raw punk with hackneyed anti war messages in England.Enjoy


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Pasmaters-Demo 1986
Pasmaters are a great hardcore punk band from Pula,Croatia.One year after(1987) the bend broke up,because a few band members were forced to go to the army.1995 the band was fromed again,but the line up was different.Also the band has a big influence on Anti-fascism.


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Kumikristus - st 7″ Kumikristus (Maksakirääsi,Finland) '85
This is another great Finnish hardcore punk bands in a row.This is for all who likes Finnish scene!


Deadless Muss

DEADLESS MUSS - I Will… (EP  D.I.S. Records 003 1000 pressed) '85 Japan
Another great Japanese hardcore band! Enjoy!



Bones - In a Sick Society EP (1983) Japan
For me this is the best Japanese band ever.All their songs are on English.You "must" have them! : )



DISPER-AZIONE- Semmpre immutata fede (Chaos produzioni #2) 1984 Italy
Hardcore from the 80`s,don`t have any more description,all I know that is good to have this demo album on your PC ; )



Asocial - Religion Sucks EP (Dissonance) 1986 Sweden
These guys come from Sweden,they had many line ups in their career,this EP is for every one who likes hardcore,d-beat from the 80`s


Razlog Za

Razlog Za - live in Mochvara
Don`t need to write description! ; )


Razlog Za

Razlog Za - Rat Se Nastavlja
Again,one of the greatest hardcore punk band in Croatia and beyond.Enjoy!!


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Dezerter - Underground Out Of Poland (1986)
This is the best album of Dezerter ever,becaouse the line up is still the same as on the begining.

My internet is lagging too much so I took the link from


RKL,Don`t Know,Sacred Straight,ILL Repute,False Confession,Flower Lepards,Manifest Destiny

Mystic Super Seven Sampler #1
This is a sampler from 7 hardcore bands.Each band has one song on the sampler.
RKL(Rich Kids on LSD) was a Californian hardcore punk band formed in 1984 in Santa Barbara, California.
Don`t Know was a hardcore band from California
Sacred Straight was a Nardcore Punk band from Simi Valley, California.
ILL Repute is an old school Hardcore Punk band from Oxnard, California
False Confession was an amazing Nardcore/hardcore punk band from Oxnard, California
Flower Lepard was an American Mystic/Nardcore punk band formed in the eightie
Manifest Destiny was an hardcore band from California


Razlog Za

Razlog Za - Boli Njih Kurac Za Nas
Razlog Za was one of the greatest oldschool hardcore punk band in Croatia.They were from Kutina,also they were straight edge.They split up.



Panaceja [CRO] - 2004 - Mrtav Život
Panaceja was a powerviolence/hardcore punk band from Rijeka,Croatia.They split up in 2006.



WRETCHED - In Nome Del Loro Potere Tutto E` Stato Fatto EP (Autoproduzione) '83 Italy

Wretched hailed from Milan,Italy.The band took strong anti-war and pro-anarchist stands through their lyrics and imagery. Wretched lived and breathed the DIY spirit of rebellion that they advocated in their music.


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Kriva Istina/Faak Am See

Kriva Istina  Faak Am See - Split Cd
Kriva Istina is a three man band.They formed in 2002. They play melodic hardcore punk.
Faak Am See is a hardcore/crust band from Slavonia(Croatia).They have a cover from the legendary hc/crust/grind band Fight Back called Punk Punkerima,Šminka Šminkerima


JFA (Jody Foster Army)

JFA. - Blatant Localism (Placebo, PLA 102) 1981
Jody Foster Army are four skater from.They are formed in 1981,with roots in Arizona and in Southern California skateboard culture.


Senata Fox

Senata Fox - (2007) The Acracy Discourse
Senata is all about fast, thrashy hardcore punk.Senata`s line up are four bearded man.There are three words to describe Senata’s music: “FAST! SCREAMING! POSITIVE!”.This is for all who like fast,shor and loud song`s.


Ljubiša Samardžić

Ljubisa Samardzic -  Ljubav Nasa nek' te Vodi

Ljubiša Samardžić is a hardcore/crust band from Croatia,the band is made from the vocals of AK47,Bad Justice drummer,bass player from Fight Back.They are active!



AK47 is a legendary anarcho-hardcore/crust band.Their vocal Robert Fistrić(Fistra) was active in Croatian hardcore band Verbalni Delikt.Now he is the vocal for Ljubiša Samardžić.They(AK47) don`t exist anymore.


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Die Kreuzen

Die Kreuzen - Cows & Beer (Version Sound) '82

Die Kreuzen (prouounced Dee-Kroytzen) formed in mid-1981 by vocalist, Dan Kubinski, and guitarist, Brian Egeness, from Rockford, IL, and two from Brookfield, WI, bassist, Keith Brammer, and drummer, Erik Tunison. They became aquainted through the varied Milwaukee ‘new music’ scene and realized a common interest, not only music but also in escaping the boring reality of nine-to-five life. Different opinions are around why they call themselves “Die Kreuzen” two misspelled words from the german language for the english word cross, the cruxes (a cross is on their first EP cover…). However no relation to Germany is known. Other have mentioned the word “Die Kreuzen” may be a wordplay for “Die cruising”.

They set about practicing and playing wherever and whenever they could, and seizing every opportunity to broaden their horizons by playing out of town (i.e. Minneapolis, Chicago, Madison, Indianapolis). Their name was chosen specifically to avoid stereotyping, because “no one knows what it means”.


Fearless Iranians From Hell

Fearless Iranians From Hell - Fearless Iranians From Hell (Boner Records) '86

Fearless Iranians from Hell were a thrash punk band formed in 1983, in San Antonio, Texas. According to the band members, their lyrics praising and inciting Islamic extremism and anti-America sentiment were a mockery of American attitudes towards Iran, and how the Arabic population as whole had been demonized by the country. Combining their sarcastic criticism and the developing genre of thrash, they quickly became infamous in San Antonio, and many stories abound. Their original lead singer was Amir Mamori, an American Iranian, but had another singer for some time named Matt, a white skinhead.



Goredoctore Nakkoja & Normikkaita 7″, Alternative Action Records 1993 Finland

Finnish hardcore punk from the 90`s.Don`t have any descriptions



Nonsense - Propast (2010) with front cover artwork, info and lyrics

Nonsense is Croatian band, hailing from city of Požega. Their works include noisecore, thrash, hardcore, punk and grind influences


Abrax / Galloping Elephants


No Description.


The Tits

The Tits - Daddy Is My Pusher (Plurex) '78 Holland

The Tits were a post-punk/new wave band from the Netherlands. They released Daddy Is My Pusher/We’re So Glad Elvis Is Dead 7” in 1978.

This is not hardcore,but they deserve to be on this blog



Heimat-Los - Schlag EP (NW010) 1985 - France

HEIMAT-LOS (also spelled Heimatlos on the last two records) was a hardcore punk band from the outskirts of Paris, France (active from 1983 to 1988). They formed with the intent to play as fast as possible and with as much pure energy as they could muster, but at the same time they managed to write tuneful thrash songs. At the core of their distinctive sound was the bass player’s unique power strum which was a novelty at that time. So in the 80s many French punks discovered hardcore music through Heimat-los recordings and concerts.

Another specificity of Heimat-los was to sing in several languages : they had songs in English, German, French, Spanish, Finnish and Swedish, plus the chorus of “Varsovie” (French for Warsaw) which was sung in Russian.


Aktivna Propaganda

(slovenia) aktivna propaganda - 2001 - from split with sodn dan (tape) 

Aktivna Propaganda is an anarchist and antifascist D.I.Y. hardcore punk band from Slovenia. The band is best known for their harsh political lyrics and staying true to the do-it-yourself way of life and their idea of street school hard core music and anarcho punk community. Band members are also active on different social/political organising activities and movements.


Väseline Children,Home Sick Home,Mladina Kina

2008 _ VA _ Väseline Children. Home Sick Home. Mladina Kina

This is a 3 way split.Don`t have any description


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Nakot - Pod NATO Bombama I Represijom Nacije

Nakot is a crust band from Belgrade, Serbia. They formed at the end of 2005 and play raw hardcore crust punk influenced by the Swedish scene. They made a split release with Dyspnea from Greece in 2007 and a split with Dažd (Thrash/Punk also from Belgrade,Serbia) in 2008.


Motus Vita Est

 (1988) Vita est

Motus is a Croatian hardcore punk band which exists from 1988, and they have been on the scene for 20 years now. Throughout the history, they have experienced a lot of changes in their line-up. But thanks to their frontman Hogar, the band has never split up. So far they have released five albums: Motus Vita Est (1988); Cogito Aude (1990); Nasred Puta (1995); Razlike (1998) and Psi (2004).



 LAMA -  Totuus Löytyy Kaurapuurosta (Johanna) '80 Finland

Punk band from Helsinki, Finland. Lama was first put together by Epe and Eno back in ‘77 but as they really didn’t know how to play it didn’t last for long. The second attempt, in the summer of ‘79 was more successful with Charlie on guitar and first Hippo, then Jere on drums. The bands first and last album (titled simply “Lama”) came out in May ‘82. Lama recorded three singles ” Totuus löytyy kaurapuurosta”, “Nimetön” and “Ajatuksen loppu” and the ep “Väliaikainen”. The bands last gig took place at Lepakko in December ‘82. It was recorded but the tapes were never released, save for a few seconds that appeared on the singles collection “Ja mikään ei muuttunut”. Lama hasn’t really returned but for short visits like in Puntala-rock 2005.


SS Kids

SS KIDS - Humans Punk EP (WAR 1) 1984 - France

SS Kids were a hardcore punk band from Dunkirk, France. In 1984 they released a 7’’ E.P. called ‘Humans Punk’. Later on they changed their name to Human Being and released one single.



DEZERTER - ST (Tonpress, Poland) '83

Dezerter is regarded as one of the most influential bands in Polish rock. With fast guitar riffs and intelligent lyrics written by Grabowski, its concerts have drawn thousands of fans. Its LPs were very popular, especially in the late 80s and early 90s.



This is a new blogspot where you can download hardcore music from all over the world.The first idea of this blogspot to make pople hear not so known bands.Admins are 2 guys from Croatia,Zagreb!
Hardcore till death!