ponedjeljak, 31. listopada 2011.


T.H.G.Z. - Terrorism Only On Stage
Teroristicka Horda Grada Zagreba(my band) is a hardcore band with influences of powerviolence and crust.This is our new D.I.Y. demo with better quality than the others.


nedjelja, 11. rujna 2011.

Nulla Osta

Nulla Osta - Njihovo Vrijeme
Nulla Osta is a hardcore/crust band from Pola,Croatia,formed in 2002.This band is diffrent from the other band becouse they have too bass guitars.


četvrtak, 23. lipnja 2011.


Maljutka - 1.Album(demo)
Maljutka is a powerviolence band from Zagreb,Croatia.This is their fisrt recorded album.Full of evil,satan,hate for god.Fucking great!


Anti Cimex

Anti Cimex - Demo(1982)
Anti Cimex were a great hardcore/d-beat band from Sweden.There is too many things to say about them.This are their demos from 1982.Enjoy!


nedjelja, 19. lipnja 2011.

New Mortal Gods

New Mortal Gods-Demo (2010)

New Mortal Gods is a great hardcore/crust band from Belgrade,Serbia.This is their first demo(i think) and it has 4 fucking great songs.Download and support!!



T.H.G.Z. - Demo sa probe
T.H.G.Z.(Teroristička Horda Grada Zagreba) is my band,and we play hardcore with elements of crust anf powerviolence.We play since 2007(but we are active for about an year).This is a demo from our rehersal.


četvrtak, 16. lipnja 2011.


Sotatila - Eka Demo

Sotatila is a great hardcore/crust band from Finland.They have elements from bands like Tampere SS, Kaaos, Riistetyt, Mob 47.Great band.


petak, 15. travnja 2011.


Stigma - Nova Doza Mržnje(+ lyrics)
Stigma is a d-beat/crust band from Zagreb,Croatia.This is their new album full of hate.This is one of the best releases I have ever heard.Playing fast and loud,just the way as it has to be.This is a must have.


utorak, 5. travnja 2011.


Rehashed - Demo (2008)

Rehashed is a thrashcore/hardcore/powerviolence band from Saskatoon, SK(Canada).Their music is very fast and aggressive.


srijeda, 30. ožujka 2011.


Hellkontroll - Soul Robbers

Hellkontroll is a fastcore/grindcore/crust band from the United States.There are only two members in the band.Great band,its for everybody who likes fast short and loud bands.Enjoy!

utorak, 29. ožujka 2011.

Suffering Mind / Lycanthrophy

Suffering Mind/Lycanthrophy - Split - Too Late To Survive

This is a split with 11 fast,short,chaotic songs

Suffering Mind is a
crusty death grind from Poland
with dual screaming female/guttural
male vocals.

Lycanthrophy is a female-fronted                                         
band hailing from Czech Republic.


ponedjeljak, 28. ožujka 2011.


Nasum - Domedagen [Demo]

Nasum was a grindcore band from Örebro, Sweden.This is their demo with 14 strong songs,one of them is a cover from a legendary band MOB 47!


nedjelja, 27. ožujka 2011.

Society Nurse

Society Nurse - Junk Existance EP(2010)

Society Nurse is a raw hardcore band from Seattle,USA.This is an EP with 3 powerfull songs.


ponedjeljak, 21. ožujka 2011.


Anti-Cimex - Raped Ass (A Records) '83 Sweden

This is some old classic stuff.Anti Cimex were a Swedish hardcore punk band, based in Skövde, Göteborg, Linköping, and Malmö, at different times, that formed in 1981. They were one of the first bands to define Scandinavian hardcore punk.


subota, 19. ožujka 2011.


NIYAZOV - 4 Way (2009)

Niyazov is a crustgrind band from Novi Sad,Serbia.Band was formed in 2004. Fast,loud and strong!


četvrtak, 10. ožujka 2011.


Kranio - Raw Crust D-beat Ep
Kranio is a raw crust d-beat band from Brazil(don`t have more informations)


srijeda, 9. ožujka 2011.

Građani Drugog Reda

GRAĐANI DRUGOG REDA - (1997) - Krik (cass)

Građani Drugog Reda(Citizens Of The Second Order) was an anarcho/hardcore band from Zagreb,Croatia.In their lyrics you can see the anti-fascist,anti-militarism,and against police violence attitude.Great band! Enjoy!


ponedjeljak, 7. ožujka 2011.

Radikalna Promjena

Radikalna Promjena - 1. Demo

Radikalna Promjena was an very important Croatian anarcho/hardcore band.One of the band members Domagoj Šeks tragically died in 2005 in India.His father is a politician and lawyer.Some of the band members formed dub band called Radikal Dub Kolektiv.


ponedjeljak, 28. veljače 2011.

Extreme Noise Terror / Driller Killer

2006 Driller Killer + Extreme Noise Terror- Split

Extreme Noise Terror is a crust/grindcore                  
band from Ipswich, England. Formed in
1985, they are one of the key early UK
grindcore bands.I don`t know will they
continue with further work,beacouse
their vocal Phil Vane died(R.I.P)

Driller Killer is a d-beat/crust/hardcore                                       
band from Malmö, Sweden.


subota, 26. veljače 2011.

Hated Youth

Hated Youth - Hardcore Rules 7″ (Burrito Records #15) '83
80`s hardcore from the USA.


ponedjeljak, 21. veljače 2011.


[1984] Whiplash -Thunderstruck [Demo]
Here is some old school thrash! Whiplash is a thrash band from America.This is for old school fans,enjoy!


srijeda, 16. veljače 2011.

Warcollapse / Disrupt

This is a two way grindcore/crust/hardcore split

Warcollapse is a hardcore/crust                            
band from Sweden(Västervik).

 Disrupt is a American crust/grindcore                    


utorak, 15. veljače 2011.

Severed Head Of State

Severed Head Of State-an invitation to a beheading
Severed Head of State is a D-beat/Hardcore punk band with members split between Portland, Oregon and Austin, Texas.Every fan of d-beat/hc/crust will love them!


Totuus / Hiastus

Totuus & Hiastus - Split 7'', 1996
Two way split from Finland.

Totuus is a hardcore punk                                
band from Oulu/Tampere.

Hiastus is a hardcore band                                                     
from Finland.


subota, 12. veljače 2011.


Bamovi - Imalo Se Zezalo Se
Bamovi are a raw D.I.Y. hardcore punk band from Zagreb,Croatia.


srijeda, 9. veljače 2011.


Nonsense - Crna Statistika 1994 + 2008 (2008)

Nonsense is a noisecore/hardcore/grindcore band hailing from Požega,Croatia.This is one of their first demo`s.Enjoy


ponedjeljak, 7. veljače 2011.


Doom-Multinationals,raping mother earth 7'' [live bootleg]

Doom is a crust punk band from the UK.The band is considered pivotal in the rise of crust punk.What to say about them,you already know who they are.Enjoy!


subota, 5. veljače 2011.

AK47 / November 13th

AK-47 - November 13th Split 7''
 This is a split from AK47 and November 13th.

AK47 is a anarho/hardcore/crust
band from Croatia.On this split            
you can find one song from them
called "ova pjesma je crvena
kao krv suboraca"(this song
is red like blood our comarades)

November 13th is a hardcore,
crust band from Germany.You
can find here three their songs.
You can also find lyrics on
the pictures.


ponedjeljak, 31. siječnja 2011.


Dishumanity - Radijacija

Dishumanity is a hardcore,crust,d-beat punk band from Kragujevac,Serbia.This is their first album.Band exist from 2009.The demo is real good music.So download and support the underground scene.


nedjelja, 30. siječnja 2011.

The Damage Is Done

THE DAMAGE IS DONE - Demo (2011)

This is a hardcore punk band from Zagreb,Croatia.This demo is my recommendation,beacouse for me this is the best demo from 2010/2010.Enjoy it!



T.H.G.Z. - Stvarnost
This is a demo of my band T.H.G.Z.(Teška Hladovina Grada Zagreba).We play hardcore/grindcore with one ska song(i dont like it but the others from my band do)

nedjelja, 23. siječnja 2011.


Wolfbrigade - Prey To The World
Wolfbrigade (formerly Wolfpack) are a d-beat/hardcore punk band from Former singer Jonsson was forced to leave the band in 1998 because, as the band said, the situation had become “intolerable.”.They changed their name from Wolfpack to avoid association with a Swedish neo-Nazi organization who shared the name.


subota, 22. siječnja 2011.

Dezerter - Ile procent duszy (1994)

Album from 1994. Ile procent duszy by Dezerter. Enjoy!

Dezerter - Jak powstrzymalem III Wojne Swiatowa (1993)

Album from 1993. Jak powstrzymalem III Wojne Swiatowa by Dezerter. Enjoy!

Purgen - Reinkarnacija (2006)

Purgen (Пурген) is a hardcore punk group from Moscow, Russia. Formed in 1989 by their frontman Ruslan and his friend Chikatilo. First two years the band's name was Lenin-Samotuik (Lenin Dildo).

In this post you can find album from 2006 Reinkarnacija.


Kru$h - Discography
Kru$h is a crustcore band from Holland.Started in 1996 and still active till today.



Subside - Demo(2009)
Subside is a young Hardcore punk band from Osijek,Croatia.They take its influences mainly from american hardcore bands like Germs, Circle Jerks and Minor Threat

nedjelja, 16. siječnja 2011.

Jesus Cröst

Jesus Cröst - 010 (2010)
Jesus Cröst is a powerviolence,grindcore band from Holland.They started as a project around 1997.There are only two band members.Enjoy


Youth Of Today

youth of today - Demo 1985
Youth Of Today is a American straight edge hardcore band.They started to play in the 80`s.Real good hardcore!


subota, 15. siječnja 2011.

Sex Complex Class

Sex Complex Class is japanese band from Japan. This post brings you their album from 1985. called Genin fumei.

Crasso de Odio

Crasso de Odio is hardcore punk band from Zadar, Croatia. They formed somewhere around 2002. Here you can find their first album after demo, Preko Iluzija.


Aburadako (あぶらだこ?) is a Japanese Rock group. The name means "Greasy Octopus".

Here is their first album from 1983. They played hardcore punk. This post is for hentai lovers!


utorak, 11. siječnja 2011.


SM-70 - Krank 7′' (Rodel Records RR01) 1989 Germany

A great German hardcore band from the 80`s,they were one of Germany’s precursors to grindcore and powerviolence.


ponedjeljak, 10. siječnja 2011.

Satanic Malfunctions

Satanic Malfunctions - Remember (Teacore) 1990
Satanic Malfunctions was a band from Britan with lyrics full of political and vegeterian views.They were serious antimilitaristic,vegetarian,antiauthoritarian ass-kicking band.


nedjelja, 9. siječnja 2011.


Powerage - Protest To Survive EP (Neg.FXBunker Records) '85 South Africa
 Raw hardcore punk from South Africa,they were one of the first bands out of South Africa  with songs against apartheid, the a.w.b., and everything that they saw wrong in the world.If you have something anti-racist in you,you will like this band